The central bank’s Silver China Convention and the second half of the financial policy route map appears

The central bank’s Silver China Convention and the second half of the financial policy route map appears

Original title: The central bank Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission successively promoted the financial policy of financial policies in the second half of the year, and the relevant financial regulatory authorities also sounded. On the 10th, the central bank held a financial statistics news conference in the first half of 2020. On the 11th, the Bank of China Press spokesperson issued an answer from the official website to the market outlined in the second half of the monetary policy, financial regulatory policies. According to the statement of the central bank, the Bank of China, the policy will continue to guide finance to increase support for the entity economy, and greater strength to make the entity economy, and increase the financial support of the weak field.

A steady monetary policy will be more flexible and more emphasize "moderate" in "total" and "prices". For banks and insurance industry, the Bank of China will effectively improve the level of resolution of the financial risk capacity, and to prepare for non-performing loans may significantly rebound. Financial support physical economic strength continues to increase data, this year, the generalized currency (M2) balance trillion yuan, year-on-year growth, maintained two-digit growth in four consecutive months; in the first half of the year’s social financing scale incremental integration Thousands of dollars, more than 10 million yuan more than the previous year; the first half of the renminbi loan increased trillion yuan, which increased more than 100 billion yuan.

  Yan Jianhong, Director of the Central Bank Investigation Statistics, said that in the first half of the year, financial support is relatively large, and continues to increase, the specific performance is that the growth rate of general indicators Generalized monetary supply and social financing scale is significantly higher than last year, the whole society flows Sexuality is abundant. The structure of the financial support entity is also continuously optimized. According to the Director of the Central Bank Financial Market, as of the end of May, the balance of the smart micro-loan balance is trillion, the growth rate is higher than the growth rate of the renminbi, and the growth rate is 100%.

The balance of long-term loans in the manufacturing industry is trillion, and the year-on-year increase is increased, and the growth rate has been high in February 2011.

At the same time, the proportion of commercial banks in real estate industries account for 25% of the increase in loans from January to May this year.

  Outlook In the second half of the year, the policy will continue to guide finance to increase support for the entity economy. According to the reporter’s question, the Bank of China said that the Bank of China remained the bank to maintain a reasonable growth of profits, and managed profits. To make more efforts to make the entity economy and increase the financial support of the weak field.

Small micro enterprise financial services "increment, expansion, improvement, drop".

At the same time actively serve key areas and major projects. Guide funds more important to the development of manufacturing, infrastructure.

  Yan Jianhong also said that the central bank will continue to implement a steady monetary policy, coordinate the development of the epidemic prevention and control and economic development, social development, maintaining liquidity and abundant, solid "six stable" work, full implementation "six The task. The steady monetary policy has emphasized the "moderate" 10th financial statistics press press conference in the first half of the 2020, and also explicitly released the signal of the trend of monetary policy in the second half of the year.

  Guo Kai, deputy director of the Central Bank Monetary Policy, said that the monetary policy position is still robust and is more flexible. "We are now more emphasis on these two words, moderately have two meanings: First, in the total amount, the amount of credit should match the rhythm of the economic recovery. Second, the price must be moderate, on the one hand to guide The financing cost is further reduced, and the economic benefits to the entity, but also recognize that the interest rate is appropriate, the lower the interest rate, the better.

Wang Yifeng, chief analyst of the Financial Industry, Everbright Securities Research Institute, said that the currency delivery will be converted from the "total amount".

Through the reform method, the deposit loan interest rate will be further downgraded, and no longer need to pass the conduction mechanism of "open market operation – mlf (medium borrowing) -lpr", no longer need to drive the debt cost downward. In the future, it will be weakened. Industry insiders also said that compared to the total amount of tools, structural monetary policy will play a greater "precision drip irrigation" in the second half of the year.

Tang Jianwei, chief researcher of the Bank of China Financial Research Center, said that the combined regulation mode of "stable currency + wide credit" is constant in the future, which is also consistent with the economic efficiency of the financial support entity. More innovative direct tools will be used for "credit expansion" and thereby stabilize total demand. At present, the deposit reserve ratio and interest rate have a down-regulation space. After paying attention to precision, the probability of comprehensive reduction is reduced, but the orientation or part is reduced or 1-2 times.

  For special policies launched in the epidemic, Guo Kai also said that the pre-special and phased policy will exit after completing the mission. According to him, this year’s epidemic, my country’s monetary policy has two main lines: a main line is the inverse cycle adjustment of normal monetary policy, providing support for entity economics through total, price, structural tools, so that currency credit can be economical Recovery offers sufficient support. Another main line is some special, phased monetary policy tools that have been introduced to the epidemic. "These measures are designed for special circumstances and different characteristics of the epidemic, which is a temporary policy measures, which are set for different point needs.

When the situation of policy settings are no longer applicable, they will automatically exit "he said.

  Increasing to prevent resolution of financial risk capabilities Although the overall operation of my country’s financial market is smooth, key institutions and various illegal financial activities are effectively controlled, but in the face of changes in the internal and external environment, my country’s financial sector has also exposed some potential risks. Increased strength to prevent resolution related financial risks has become a consensus on the supervision department. The regulatory authorities have close attention to the potential risks of the bank insurance industry in the next period. According to the SMS press spokesperson, the current banking industry and insurance industry has the following aspects of the outstanding risks and challenges.

First, the pressure on adverse assets is increased.

Although the balance of the book non-performing loans since the beginning of this year, although the increase is not obvious, it is expected that the non-performing loans will be rendered and rising in the future. Second, some small and medium-sized financial institutions are relatively serious.

Third, some market chaos rebounded. Some high-risk shadow banks are burned, and some in new forms, new faces attempt to roll.

Business, residential departments have risen. Some funds violate the rules into the housing market, and push high assets foam.

Fourth, the illegal violations have occurred. The person in charge emphasizes that a non-performing loan may have a substantial rebound.

First, make the asset classification.

At the same time, we must continue to increase the disposal, this year’s bad asset disposal amount should be reasonably increased in the basis of last year, and the resources that reduce the release of allocation coverage must be used for poor disposal. Comprehensive use of verification, cleaning, bulk transfer, and debt stock shares, etc. The pilot will conduct a batch disposition of bad assets, and gradually promote the experience.

  In response to the recent investor, consumer issues, Sun Tianqi, director of the central bank’s financial stabilization, said that "these risk disposal cases related regulatory authorities and local governments are studying programs, and the People’s Bank is also closely fit.

Sun Tianqi pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the marketization, the principle of rule of law, compaction related financial institutions and related shareholders. At the same time, according to law, protect investors ‘legitimate rights and interests, protect these investors’ right, fair choice, property security rights, Ask for legal rights such as compensation rights.

(Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).