Xiamen Jimei District Enterprise Committee: Solving the "urgent expensive" issue of "urgent expensive" to expand the new road

Xiamen Jimei District Enterprise Committee: Solving the "urgent expensive" issue of "urgent expensive" to expand the new road

Fujian Province’s first "British Dynasty living room". The Jimei District Enterprise Committee is an example of the English model model like Chen Qingzhou in the Jimei District Political and Legal team.

In order to promote the education of political and legal teams, carry forward the spirit of the English model, the Jimei District Enterprise Committee carries out the activities of "role model" activities, motivate the police to be loyal to performance, serve the people, and serve as a person. The Jimei Court launched the "Social Advanced Logging Gap" activity, clarifies the advanced role model, with the class personnel, implement the class learning, create a good atmosphere of the warning advancement, and striving for excellence.

Not only from the side, it is also looking for an example from history.

The Jimei District Enterprise Committee organized the Memorial Memorial Hall. The close-up acceptance is the "Jiageng Spirit" re-education for the people to seek happiness in the people, visit the "Yan’an Spirit Yongliang" theme exhibition, accept revolutionary education, red education, Further firmly unforgettable mission, courage to take as a confidence and determination; listen to "Jiageng Lecture Hall", learn the people’s history and Jiageng spirit.

In addition, through the organization, "National Political and Legal Team Education Rectification Pilot Work Summary" "The bottom line" of the "cannot touch the bottom line", guiding education to education, honest and honest, honest and honest, honest, honest, and the first to issue a homewind and initiative in Xiamen Book, clean and honest the police commitment, create a good atmosphere of the wind, enhance the team to carry out the political consciousness, ideological and consciousness and action of education and rectification.

"6 + N" mode is stubborn and rectified to promote remember to reform to change. In order to clear the stubborn disease, the Jimei District Enterprises and Division, in order to clean up the stubborn disease, to make a good test, according to the "6 + N" mode, improve the special rectification plan for all levels of the disease, "Jimei District stubborn Special rectification list, refine six categories, 29 content, and 24 measures. It is understood that "6 + N" mode, "6" refers to the "six major tussah disease", "N", which is proposed in the central government, refers to other special rectification content proposed in the local area. In order to hit the stubborn disease, the overall battle, attack the battle, Jimei District confronted the superior supervision, guidance proposed supinus, copy, iglecto, 即 ", Key issues, important links, carry out the implementation of the cutting-end action, and promote the effectiveness of rectification. The Jimei District Enterprise Committee guides the political and legal units to improve the rules and regulations, and promote more than 90 sets. Focus on the party’s leadership, further improve the implementation of this District, optimize the improvement of political and legal cadres, and promote the construction of political and legal cadres to work on the work mechanism; focus on the problem, write "analysis of the analysis of law enforcement supervision and constraints; focus Feng Shu Ji, strengthen the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the Oversurface Outer Behavior Supervision and Management of the Prosecutor"; at the same time, focus supervision and restrict, formulate the implementation of the "implementation of the implementation of the work process" "" Trial) "on the standard deduction Limit management regulations (Trial) "The Rules for the Implementation of the Division of Community Correction Objects", maximizing people are interference factors, form effective supervision and constraints; focusing capacity improvement, formulation of "Notice on Further Strengthening the Construction of Political Cadres" A series of strengthening the cadre management mechanism and effectively blocks the system vulnerability. In addition, Jimei District held a warning education conference, through the reverse case, wakes up the political and legal police to determine the ideal, strictly follow the party discipline, combined with negative warnings through the front guidance, and create a strict use of Jimei District, and strive to create a thick atmosphere. Guo Mingbiao, the first-level researcher at the Jimei District Committee, said that the political and legal team education rectified The awareness is significantly enhanced, and the awareness of the people is significantly enhanced.

At the same time, the collaborative enhancement between units, improved work efficiency, clearer division of labor, mutual supervision, mutual assistance, and morality, team construction and work are significantly improved. (Editor: Chen Lan Yan, Zhong Xia Liuhua).