Winter and winter – Jiangxi Winter Observation

Winter and winter – Jiangxi Winter Observation

  Xinhua News Agency, Nanchang, December 2, Supreme: Winter Winter Winter – Jiangxi Winter Sign Insugmentation Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency, Chen Chunyuan, Jiangxi, winter field, is still busy, a living.

In order to steadily promote the province’s winter agricultural production, consolidate the basis of grain and oil production, a winter field battle is starting. Relive area, guarantee supply.

On November 30, in the Huashang Town, Zhanggong District, Zhangzhou City, "Flying Hand" Wen Xingwang is spraying pesticides in the control of agricultural drones. At the time of winter field management critical period, the agricultural technicians and farmers in Zhanggong District have used the sunny weather insecticides, clear duties, and ensure that crop-growing area is not reduced by problems such as insects and irrigation.

  Yangzuzhou Town, Donghu District, Nanchang City, planted large households, also placed the film of the film.

At present, as a winter area of ??8,000 mu of Yangzhong, the "Vegetable Garden" in Donghu District, there are more than 10 varieties such as flowers and yellow buds. In response to the lack of water in the field, Yangzizhou Town takes a dredging farmland ditch, investigating the agricultural electric line, maintaining the operation of the anti-daring body well equipment, ensuring that the winter vegetables went to increase production.

At present, the winter area of ??Nanchang has reached more than 1.77 million mu, and the city’s winter area is also stable in 21 million mu. In order to ensure the smooth growth of winter crops, Nanchang City strengthens vegetable production technology guidance, according to weather forecasting and production practice, timely development of technical opinions, organizational cadres and agricultural technicians in depth, and carry out technical guidance services. The reporter found that high-standard farmland played the role of "Body Forces" in this year’s winter.

On both sides of Jingyao Highway, Fei Liang County, farmland has stopped all over the ground, and farmers are making rapeseed seeds. Since 2017, Float County has built a total of 10,000 mu of high standard farmland, and there are 10,000 mu of construction.

The local farmers told reporters that the farmland water system has not been treated, the road is inconvenient, and the farmland is idle after receiving autumn grain. After implementing high standard farmland construction, it is not only 10% over food mu.

  In the rapeseed places of Melling Village, Yingxian County, the peasants are busy draining it.

Through 2 years of high-standard farmland construction, the front hometown has built more than 10,000 acres of high standard farmland. The 10,000 mu is contracted by a rice industry. Last year, "rice oil wheel" is started, and the late rice is cultivated after harvesting.

Zou Yantan, general manager of the company, said: "In high standard farmland, the amount of rapeseed, the amount of progents and the amount of oil are improved. In addition to planting rapeseed this year, there is also a doll dish and radish dish.

"In Nanfang Village, Guangchang County, a green alhaisman is vibrant, and a greenery planting cooperative member is busy harvesting freshly rosequeraday. He planted 12 mu of giedries this year. The sales of Shuzhu Liquan will be more than 500 yuan. During this time, it has earned more than 5,000 yuan. At present, the cooperative sells neohexa through the line, and the average number of yield is expected to reach 5,000 yuan. +1.